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Flamenco dance classes given in English or Spanish


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simon el rubio preparing a choreography

Simón el Rubio

If you wish to join a class for any week please contact the teacher as below. Click here for flamenco guitar comments page!


Simon el Rubio's Flamenco course in VEJER de la FRONTERA 1st to 5th September 2011, organised by Art House Holidays.

please email for inscription and more details - also creative writing, poetry and film studies combined with the flamenco experience!

There are flamenco dance classes and sevillanas for beginners, intermediate as well as advanced levels. Simon is also an excellent guitarist. He also introduces you to the local flamenco scene, so students have fun as well. Be prepared for some late nights!

Comments about Simon el Rubio's flamenco dance class:


....you are an excellent teacher. I'm very, very fussy about dance teachers...I no longer study ballet because there are no decent ballet teachers anywhere near where I live. You're a terrific teacher. I'm very grateful for having had the experience of studying with you. Ann Nowak (New York)

Melissa and Maia in the studio

actress Natalia Kroukova

I want to thank you so much for making my stay so memorable and giving me a chance to fall in love with flamenco.

Natalia (Toronto, Canada)


students from moscow in the bulerias class



...we would like to thank you once again for your perfect Flamenco dance lessons which we enjoyed very much. We admired your high professionalism as a dancer and as a teacher, your very kind attitude and your particular attention to each of your students. It was a very interesting process to learn new dances, but also your lessons helped us to better understand the "soul" of Flamenco style. Lilia and Katia



Learning from Simon was one of the greatest experiences I have had because he is one of the best flamenco dancers, guitarists, and teachers in the world. No one has mastered each of these areas as Simon has, and therefore if I could study from any flamenco teacher in the world, I would choose Simon. He is a great choreographer, and put he together great combinations for us. He had great suggestions and routines for everything flamenco, or associated with flamenco, from tango to alegrias to tanguillos to paso doble, and many more.

Not only was our experience rewarding, but at every moment is was fun. Although Simon could have masterfully taught us flamenco in London or anywhere else, the local scene in Jerez added a unique dimension. We savored the experience of the local flamenco and bullfighting clubs. The spontaneous outpouring of flamenco singing and dancing to Simon’s guitar is addicting. No flamenco academy can capture the full essence of flamenco like participating in the lifestyle at its source. Simon not only improved our technique and understanding, but really allowed us to absorb the soul of flamenco.                David Hudgins


Coming from a strong ballet background, dance is something I want to learn with the greatest authenticity. I knew Simon was good before we went to study with him, but was continually impressed over the course of our lessons at his talent with dance and guitar as both a performer and teacher. It is very rare to find someone of his caliber and ability. It was also incredible to get to experience Jerez de la frontera. We went flamenco clubs and restaurants that we never could have found on our own.                Abby Hudgins

Abby and David
(Norman, Oklahoma, USA)


Comments in Italian...


Una settimana a Jerez, culla del flamenco, studiando il ballo e la chitarra di giorno e vivendo la suggestiva atmosfera delle vie del centro di notte. Un'esperienza che consiglio a tutti gli italiani che vogliono approfondire la conoscenza di questa affascinante cultura. Poi, con Simon, una normale serata si può trasformare in uno spettacolo indimenticabile improvvisato tra i tavoli di una cantina insieme agli artisti locali. Un delizioso insieme di arte, cultura e divertimento. Marco Billa & Francesca Ratti (Bergamo, Italia)


Mary Herbeck with Tomatito at a concert

Mary had the opportunity of chatting with Tomatito!


I studied with Simon el Rubio for one month at the beginner-intermediate level. After working intensely on Tanguillos, Fandangos de Huelva and Solea por Bulerias, my technique has noticeably improved - particularly my arms. The Solea is an advanced level dance that Simon choreographed for me during my stay. It was a daily challenge that enabled me to reach new limits of technique.

Simon is also quite accomplished as a flamenco guitarist and I studied guitar with him as well. He identified the fundamental problems that have been holding back my progress as a guitarist and he helped me to better understand the basis of improvisation.

Simon is an uncommonly talented teacher who is absolutely passionate about flamenco. He has much to offer students at every level.

Mary Herbeck   (Detroit, USA)


Comments in Japanese...

Naomi with Simon el Rubio



Watashi wa mattaku no Flamenco shoshinshadesu.Guuzen Internet no home page de Simon sensei o shiri, contact o tori, koko Jerez ni kite, Flamenco o naraihajimemashita.

Simon sensei no jyugyoo wa totemo wakariyasuku, mata totemo yuniiku na idea ga saikoo deshita. soshite, kare no Dance and Music sence ga watashi wa hontouni daisukide (Simon sensei wa nanto Danceer and guitarist deshita.desukara kyoomi noarukata wa guitar mo naraemasu.), mata jikan o sagashi, naraini koyoo to omotteimasu.Mata, karewa totemo shinsetsu de itsumo watashi no kokoro o rikaishitekureyoutoshite,ningentekinimo saikoo no kata to meguriae,watashi wa lucky desu. gokyoomi no arukata wa zehi, contact o tottemitekudasai.

Good Luck!!!!!!!! Mitsue (Japan)

for photos of Simon el Rubio dancing with his group click here





....I spent a month in Spain last June. I spent three weeks in Madrid and one in Jerez. If I could do it all over again I would have stayed in Jerez three and in Madrid one. I was in search of a great flamenco teacher and I was lucky enough to find Simon el Rubio in Jerez de la frontera. He has a great teaching style which causes you to love flamenco almost as much as he does. The lessons I took from Simon were not just dance lessons, they were great lessons of the people of Jerez and their flamenco culture. I will never forget sitting in a local working man's bar in Jerez listening to a stout old man sing alegrias, bulerias, and fandangos to the wonderful sounds Simon made with his guitar. Simon teaches above and beyond what other teachers offer their students. He showed me dimensions of flamenco I never knew before, the people of Jerez.
Katie Pohl
(St.Louis, USA)

Kalila from New Orleans Thanks so much for the incredible lessons. Even though I only had a week to spend in Spain, I learned more in that week than I had in a couple of months of studying in the States. You have increased my understanding of Flamenco rhythm 100 %. Muy bien, Simon! Muchos Gracias! Kalila (New Orleans, USA)

cadiz summer flamenco




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