bullfighting history some historical notes

bullfighting history some historical notes

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...probably developed through the nobility and the military showing their expertise on horseback (rejoneo) from which the poor man's equivalent was to torear on foot. There may be religious undertones stemming from the sacrifice of a bull to Mithras in Roman times...

But it is thought that a group of local bullfighters gave birth to bullfighting as we know it today in Ronda (Malaga province). The "father" of them was Francisco Romero born c. 1700.  The locals in Ronda will tell you proudly that their bullring was inaugurated officially on 19th May 1785 and is the oldest in Spain, although there are other contenders such as the rectangular one in La Mancha's Santa Cruz de Mudela, built in 1641.



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An example of a bullfighting anouncement in Estepona, Malaga with prices in May 1998. Sombra - the shade, is more expensive than Sol - the sunny seats. As the sun sets you might end up in the shade so it is worth understanding the geography of the bullring you visit! Ask at the ticket office.

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