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The art of running and bringing down the bull followed by two horsemen with lances in open field. This is training for the riders as well as the bull. It now has the status of a sport.






In the old days bulls were run in the open country not as a sport. Because the bull takes time to get up from the ground, he can be attended for medical reasons or marking in the field. This was cheaper and easier than running him into a pen. Nowadays it is a regulated sport.

Riders get points for knocking the bull over with a lance and within the boundaries of the field and have to display great skill on horseback.



The "garrocha" is the wooden lance.

Two "garrochistas" ride the bull in open field. The rider who brings the bull down is "el que suelta", while his accomplice is known as the "amparador". The young bull may be male or female ("becerro" or "becerra"), and will vary in attitude towards the riders. This is a big test for both the riders and the horses, who have to learn to accelerate quickly, suddenly change direction and of course avoid the fallen bull in their pathway.




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