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Riding jackets, waistcoats and trousers (suit with pants) typical andalusian dress for riding Spanish style

lady's riding outfit

see more photos of jackets, trousers, riding skirts for both men and women

Prices vary whether off the peg or made to measure. Please email your enquiry.


If you want made to measure by the equine tailor, we will need detailed instructions as to size and measurements in cms, as well as a recent photo. This will help the tailor to fit on a person of roughly equal height and build.


This procedure has to be at your risk because once finished it cannot be altered in any substantial way.


We also need to know if you want embroidered work (more expensive) or a plain color, such as black or grey.


It is usual to order a complete suit so that the outfit matches - that is to say the jacket, waistcoat underneath, shirt and trousers. Often the jacket does not have buttons so it must fall correctly over the smaller waistcoat underneath (so there is no point in just ordering a riding jacket from the tailor.) You probably already have the boots....

These are examples of top quality jackets, some embroidered and made to measure by the equine tailor








Bolero style jackets and waistcoats (chaleco), flamenco jackets and shirts, pants or trousers (pantalon) in country style - black or grey-striped

country riding suits (traje campero)


flamenco style hats - what is your head circumference in cms?




Buy your flamenco style hats and bolero style jackets through our riding shop - competitive prices and authentic equipment!

Bolero style jackets

Quality black or grey jacket (winter) ref: SargaG 45% wool 55% poliester

ref: SargaG black jacket


riding skirts (falda)and skirt-trousers (falda-pantalon) in black or grey-striped


womens' and mens' country riding outfits - please email



childrens' outfits country style

ask for a quote, giving size/age of child.




WEG 2002


World Equestrian Games 2002



Dance! Bookings taken for the exciting and authentic flamenco show and meal in Jerez town center. The show starts at 10pm so best to book for a meal at 9pm.


bullfighting poster prints


matador and bulls


Spanish riding products


The Andalusian Horses and Riding Shop - for all your needs.



Add shipping/handling on all items - please email to order and for payment instructions. We will need your full shipping address.


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