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silla vaquera, montura vaquera, Spanish custom made saddles

English and Spanish sadlles available from the Riding Shop

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Prices are quoted in Euros excl shipping, handling and taxes. (Shipping costs can be between 300,- Euros and 500,- Euros depending upon weight and destination.)


Vaquera saddle



You may need the following accessories to complete requirements of the vaquera saddle.





Montura vaquera - spanish country saddle - from 795,00 Euros (standard size - very roughly 18" English size) click here for photos



  • baticola (saddle to tail strap): 53,67 Euros
  • aciones (stirrup leathers): 48,31 Euros
  • cinchas (girth strap): 64,01 Euros
  • estribos (stirrups): 69,36 Euros
  • cabezal y riendas/bridle and reins: 115,97 Euros
  • zalea/lambs wool cover: 175,60 Euros
  • mantilla (blanket): 107,24 Euros
  • sudadera (saddle cloth): 58,06 Euros

Montura Española
Spanish saddle

the standard Spanish saddle is rounded


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