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Women's riding suits, jackets, trousers - trajes camperos, chaquetas, calzonas

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click here to see Spanish Chart Sizes.

Usng the chart sizes as a guide the standard adult sizes for jackets are between 50 and 58. The usual trouser size numbers are 38 to 46.

Customers form the US and Canada may be confused by the European sizes. Please take time to measure yourself in centimetres, then look at our chart for guidance of the number size required.

Women's traje completo

to order please email first

ref: T22 can be gabardina in plain green or "partridge eye" (ojo de perdiz), together with side saddle riding skirt. Other colors are marine blue, grey, brown.

The highest quality and most expensive cut is 100% wool, as in the picture: Fil a fil grey, Prince of Wales black, garbanzo beige.










ref toma22_amaz order a complete outfit: ref: T22 gabardina

Women's jackets and riding skirts

to order please email first

The image on the right shows the quality black or grey jacket (winter) ref: SargaG 45% wool 55% poliester

The waistcoat below (chaleco) goes with the jacket


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...in fact all the chaquetas (jackets) and chalecos (waistcoats) can be worn by men or women.

more jackets - mens' styles


Examples of two jackets - prince of wales style in light grey.

She wears the side saddle riding skirt (amazona), while he has the typical trousers with small stirrups sown in - in fact suitable for both men and women.

It is not common to find Spanish ladies riding with skirt-trousers. Usually the ladies wear trousers or if side saddle, then the amazona style of skirt. Otherwise you would wear the cordobesa style of skirt. Pictures of the skirt-trousers are below.


Ref: T24 Falda - side saddle skirt amazona, black 113,36 Euros

Top quality:

Ref: T24 Jacket - triana, Prince of Wales Wool 293,54 Euros

Ref: T24 Jacket - campera, Prince of Wales Wool 252,40 Euros

prices subject to current updates!




details of the skirt-trousers in black (half wool and half poliester)


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matador and bulls



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