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Summer Flamenco in Jerez, Paterna, Arcos 2002

Viernes Flamencos

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Here is a visual record for the summer of 2002.

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entrance ticket to Jerez Viernes Flamencos 2002

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jerez 2002 in the astoria  open air cinema

Jerez de la Frontera holds its annual summer flamenco nights every Friday throughout August.

Cine Astoria (open air cinema) in Jerez towncentre

August 2002












moaning flamenco...












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male dancer miguel heredia the first night Friday 2nd August 2002


As is often the case in Jerez de la Frontera the powers that be promote their own artists above all else. This is not always adviseable and this year has been somewhat disappointing in Jerez!

I have not enjoyed the dance presentations. Indeed the final of the Alegrias competition in Cadiz earlier this month underlined a very high standard of young performer and group. I am afraid to say that Jerez has a lot to learn from Cadiz and Sevilla.....despite its laudable position in the flamenco order.

Last year's Viernes Flamencos were excellent in their dance quality... bring back Maria Jose Franco and Mercedes Ruiz please!

I still believe the guitarist has an obligation to tune his guitar properly before going on stage, as much as the singer must know which fret to tell his guitarist to put the cejilla (capo) before each song.

This year I have begun to notice an out of tune guitar and a singer straying from pitch a little too much, although there is always a distortion through the microphones on stage. Indeed some of the guitar playing has been very ropey! I am not surprised that Gerardo Nuñez commented recently (perhaps unfairly) that there are no new guitarists coming out of Jerez...that Jerez is a pueblo de cante - a town important for flamenco song (Diario de Jerez 4th March 2002.)

The most enjoyable singer this year has been Chano Lobato, who individual style and storytelling between songs kept the audience well entertained to the early hours. And he comes from Cadiz!

flamenco boys night out

Friends just gather at the bar and chat away while the flamenco purists sit up front attentively!


pepe castaña

the indomitable Pepe Castaña reporting every detail on Onda Jerez radio.


Irene Carrasco and group



Paterna de Rivera (village inland Cadiz province)

final of the Peteneras song competition 27th July 2002









peteneras 2002

Paterna de Rivera hosts the annual Peteneras singing competition.

The Peteneras are songs defined by both traditional and modern verses as well as a sad repetitive melody. Some say they were originally songs of the Sephardic Jews. Indeed there is a dissimilarity to the rest of the flamenco song categories.

The story goes that the Petenera was attributed to a beautiful girl who led men to temptation before losing her life violently at the hands of a deceived lover.

Interestingly, some singers (usually gypsies) refuse to sing Peteneras for the bad luck it brings.


Jueves Flamencos Arcos
Flamenco Thursdays August 2002

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The mountain town of Arcos de la Frontera provided the cozy setting for their Jueves Flamencos (Flamenco Thursdays), high up and hidden in a small square.

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