Peña Flamenca Nino de Velez flamenco club in Velez-Malaga

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Peña Flamenca Niño de Velez flamenco club in Velez-Malaga

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Peña Flamenca Niño de Velez

Peña Flamenca Niño de Velez, in Velez-Malaga Flamenco Club Bar

Malaga flamenco

They get down to serious flamenco!

Peña Flamenca Niño de Velez The boss!


Situated in the old part of town by the football stadium and close to the promenade with fountain (Reyes Catolicos), the unassuming entrance leads to a treasure trove of flamenco artifacts and photos in a labyrinthe of rooms, as well as of course the (flamenco) bar. Flamencos and aficionados gather during the week nights but mostly on Fridays and Saturdays, especially when there is an organised flamenco dinner for members and wives.

Peña Flamenca Niño de Velez   Pna Flamenca Velez Malaga


simon el rubio with singer enrique amador

Nino de Velez flamenco club bar  
An excellent guitarist in the flamenco club is Arturo pic next time!


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