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Peña Flamenca Tertulia Flamenca
"Aires de la Sierra" Prado Del Rey

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Peña Flamenca Tertulia Flamenca "Aires de la Sierra" in Prado Del Rey: a newly formed flamenco club keeping the tradition of flamenco song alive in the sierra - the mountains...2006

Prado del Rey


Cultural exchanges between flamenco clubs are not uncommon: indeed they are a means of fostering closer understanding of different styles in flamenco between villages and larger towns. In this case the songs of the mountains, typical of the "sierra" are more free time as opposed to the more rhythmical styles of Jerez de la Frontera (such as the famous Buleria de Jerez.)


This is the first flamenco cultural exchange between the flamenco club called Tertulia Flamenca "Aires de la Sierra" in Prado del Rey (inland Cadiz province about an hour's drive from Jerez) and the flamenco club Tertulia Flamenca "Pepe Alconchel" in Jerez de la Frontera (during November 2006.)

Here are some photos of the flamenco meeting.

singer Domingo Rosado set about explaining some of the origins and introducing singers to demonstrate the variety of styles.

in Prado del Rey Pepe Alconchel Singer   Er Santos singer Er Santos sings
The classes covered specific styles such as Tientos Tangos, Malaguenas, Serranas (typical of the sierra) Fandangos, Bulerias among others.

After the four weekly evening classes finished, there was an afternoon flamenco party held in Jerez in the flamenco club Tertulia Flamenca "Pepe Alconchel" on Sunday 3rd December 2006 where local flamencos from both pueblos sang during long bouts of mountain "mosto" (young wine from Prado del Rey), Jerez sherry, as well as meat delicacies and even a whole pig slaughtered for the occasion. Domingo Rosado (the speaker on flamenco, and well known local "flamencocologo") organized this excellent flamenco meeting which was also attended by the mayoress of Jerez, Pilar Sanchez, though curiously no official photographers were present. This leaves one wondering if only the establishment flamenco of Jerez is worthy of reporting... I would like to use a more political word such the flamenco mafia, yet this particular afternoon produced a flamenco that was truly authentic, devoid of pretension. Another aficionado commented that the press is only interested in reporting mainstream flamenco, which by definition also means politically correct flamenco... Well, flamenco has become a saleable commodity, subject nowadays to political intrigues and maneuverings. Perhaps on this occasion the mayoress had requested no press for her presence at the flamenco gathering. After all she has to be seen at grass roots, but also be politically correct.



Meanwhile, "El Almendro" (from Jerez) pleased eveyone with a couple of fandangos for which he was given a standing ovation. After all, he had just won the prestigious flamenco singing competition in Madrid with a prize of some 15.000,- Euros, the largest monetary prize in all of Spain for any concurso de cante.

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