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Javier Jimeno Bazan

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flamenco guitarist from Estepona (Malaga)

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flamenco guitarist javier jimeno from estepona

Francisco Javier Jimeno Ramírez, a guitarist who grew up in the Peña Flamenca de Estepona (Málaga) and eventually won the guitar prizes in the Cordoba National Competition as well as the prestigious El Madroñero, and the 1998 Bienal de Sevilla guitar award, as a consequence of having obtained the first prize at the II Concurso de Jóvenes Intérpretes Flamencos.

He plays very cleanly and embodies that necessary security to accompany both song and dance with ease.

In an interview with el Pais, he said that coming from a small town, people not only criticise you, but only value you when you receive a prize elsewhere. However he has demonstrated that a successful flamenco guitarist does not have to come from Jerez or Triana to triumph.


Estepona peña flamenca (see flamenco clubs and singing competition)



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