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Jaime Villar Vasquez

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a young flamenco singer from Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz province, Spain)

jaime villar flamenco singer

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He grew up in Jerez de la Frontera where he mixed with many local flamencos learning the art as he went along. At 18 years of age he toured with Manuel Morao's company throughout Spain and subsequently with Simón el Rubio. Apart from invitations abroad, he can be seen as a regular singer in one of Jerez's major tablaos, "El Lagá" of tio Parrilla de Jerez.



interview with flamenco webmaster 26th April 2001 (translated into English):

Are flamenco roots endangered by all kinds of fusion?

I think so. The younger people must learn the art first and then later experiment with fusion without losing the air of flamenco, the roots.

What are the roots then?

You are born with them...years later they bear fruit.

What category of flamenco song is your style?

I am a party singer (festero) I sing mostly bulerías, alegrías, tientos, tangos, soleares.

Are these forms specific to Jerez?

The bulerías is what is typical of Jerez. It is known as the "bulería corta" (short bulerias). A different form is the "bulería general" (general bulerias) of Andalusia, Madrid and Barcelona. Badajoz also has another class of bulerias.

Is it important to conserve this style in Jerez?

Yes of course, it is the true seal of Jerez - people know it is the bulería de Jerez.

Is singing for dancers different?

Not every singer can accompany dance. No! There is a separate training necessary to sing for dance. You have to study it.

What are your next projects?

I sing with Simon el Rubio in Jerez and then go to Malta for a month of performances. Then back to Andalusia, a show in Paterna and then all summer in various venues... then work on a CD.

What do you think foreigners like or dislike in flamenco?

They love the dance, but miss out on the singing.

Do you prefer to sing with one guitarist you know or with several in a group?

I like working with different guitarists at the same time because they motivate more.

In what sense?

They give me more feeling and circumstances to sing creatively.

Thank you Jaime.

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jaime villar flamenco singer in the bar
jaime villar flamenco singer with guitarist ismael heredia
jaime villar flamenco singer and ismael heredia guitarist
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