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Hats Flamenco hats Sombreros

Hats, Flamenco hats, Sombreros, Spanish hats, Cordobes hats, black velvet calana, riding hat, calanes
Cordobes or Sevillano style hat - the flamenco or equestrian Spanish hat

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If you wish to order any Cordobes or Seville style hats, please email first. We need to know your head circumference in cms and the colour you want. Do you want a different trim color?


Flamenco hats Spanish hats
Sombrero Cordobes
Sombrero Sevillano

Please give your full name and shipping address.
for email orders

sombreros rocio (cordobes) there are no pure white or beige hats available, but try the panama cordobes hat (straw colour only)

see more colour choices on chart below

colour: black or have a completely black trim

for a lighter colour try silver (plata)
or light grey (gris natural)

Choose from the standard selection:

black, red, grey with white trim, light brown with dark brown trim or place a specific colour combination order

  cordobes style purple hat

Price per hat: 179,95 Euros (approx 200 USD) but check your exchange rate.
Add shipping/handling of 45,85 Euros per hat. For volume orders we can quote separately.

For colour preference please email.

sevillana   side saddle

panama_hat_refPAN33 top quality panama cordobes ref PAN33 169,95 Euros


colour: manila


colour choices



hat  camel

colour: camel
(close to but darker than the English beige)

hat   camel colour: camel


look after your Cordobes SOMBRERO!









Cordobes or Sevillano style hat - the flamenco or equestrian Spanish hat

Firstly measure your heads circumference in cms not inches.... (around forehead) The hat will give to some extent, also by wearing it more often, but I prefer to have it a little tight so it stays in place. The Cordobes (or Sevillana) style of hat is worn at an angle towards one or other eyebrow... so if it to be angled across the forehead, it has to be a little tight to maintain its position.

There is a certain flexibility in the sizing. The difference between 57 and 58cms is minimal, but it also depends upon the shape of your head. If in doubt go for the larger since you can introduce an internal headband to reduce the internal size.

There is also a system in Andalusia where the hatmaker will take a hole punch of the shape of your head on card.... the old fashioned way. This provides an imprint of the head as a base for custom-made flamenco hats. We cannot provide this service. It is also more expensive.

Finally, never use a wet or damp cloth on the hat. Gently rub in the direction of the hair on the hat with a dry cloth or gentle brush to clean. The brim must be kept stiff and flat, so keep the hat box it comes in and store in a dry place out of the sun.


Hats are shipped in a box to be signed for. Shipping handling costs are for the buyer, and any return is subject to a further charge for shipping handling. We do NOT guarantee a delivery time.

Shipping handling costs are added to payment request to be paid prior to shipment. Once ordered there is no refund to you unless the hat is defective (though it can be exchanged for a different size if in pristine condition upon return, since hatmakers will not work any other way in Spain.) However we do charge shipping handling costs a second time for sending out an exchanged size, so it is important you get the size right. Title passes to you upon shipment. We are not responsible for damage in transit unless you request special insurance for which an extra charge is payable.

We do not guarantee a delivery time from Gibraltar or Spain, perhaps 7 days to 10 days for USA/CANADA in view of inspections, up to 5 days for delivery by post to EUROPE, up to two weeks for AUSTRALIA, ASIA and the FAR EAST. Rough guide: two to four weeks to order, a week to ten days shipping (there are inspections and postal delays in the light of recent events). August holiday time and the Spanish fiesta times such ferias may extend shipping times (the ferias are from April through to October each year.) Taxes and import duties if any are payable by the buyer.


Cheaper hats









child size montera bullfighting hat - please email first.


cheaper range of flamenco hats as follows:

Ref: CP24 flamenco style hats in black or red only, made of synthetic material. There are no in between sizes, only 58cms and 60cms, but they will be flexible enough to fit between sizes anyway.
Price: 34,95 Euros per hat plus handling shipping of 19,35 Euros per hat. Please state whether red or black.



spanish riding hats

Calana Calañés Hat

black calañes spanish riding hats

149,95 Euros

high quality (not felt) velvet finish with lining


sombrero calañés, or Gorro Calanes, traditional Alta Escuela type hat, typical of those worn in the Royal Andalusian Riding School

un sombrero de copa cónica baja y ala vuelta hacia arriba formando un canuto

black velvet calana riding hat calanes


ladies size or mens size only

This hat is oval shaped inside to make it more comfortable resting on the head. Tied with a cord.



calañés: black velvet calana riding hat calanes

black velvet calana riding hat calanes


(this is not a Catite hat which has a different design)


The authentic bullfighter's hat








We have authentic monteras for sale BULLFIGHTER HATS - la montera sizes: 58, 59, 60 cms (head circumference) top quality: 320,- Euros



children's imitation synthetic: 29,95 Euros SOLD OUT



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Add shipping/handling on all items - please email to order and for payment instructions. We will need your full shipping address. You can pay by credit card through secure server on line. Prices are quoted in Euros, but you can choose to pay in USD or GBPounds with updated currency exchange rates.


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