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vintage flamenco poster prints

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Decorate your patio with flamenco and bullfighting posters! Some are antique and valuable, so will be of interest to collectors.

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Vintage flamenco
poster prints

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for a selection of other sketches (laminas) with flamenco themes click here

Poster prints are available on quality paper in medium size, approx 68/70 cms x 45/50 cms, but you must ask us first what is in stock! Some prints may not be available, but there are some originals in large size approx 100 cms x 62 cms, and occasionally in small size approx 50 cms x 35 cms. Please ask. The originals are collector items and expensive!

We are pleased to be able to offer these superb reproductions in the medium size. Prices are quoted in Euros and subject to change without notice (next price review jan 2010).

Medium size reproduction poster prints are

only 19,95 Euros (approx 28 USD but check exchange rate at PayPal when paying)

flamenco poster prints

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Medium size prints are available.
Price: 19,95 Euros

approx 68/70 cms x 45/50 cms




poster print seville_feria 1932

This poster print from 1932 is on special offer at present while stocks last.

Only 14,95 Euros plus shipping, please enquire by email.




click here for authentic old bullfighting poster prints


Sevilla_feria_mayo1973  Sevilla_semana_santa_feria1925-1997   Sevilla_fiestas_primaverales1945

Sevilla_feriadeabril1946   seville_feria1933   Sevilla FERIA 1930 poster

Sevilla FERIA 1922 poster.   printsforsale/Sevilla_semana_santa_feria1928   seville_feria1935

      rsaSevilla_feriadeabril1934out of stock pls enquire


flamenco poster prints

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approx size:

length approx 97 cms (38 inches)
width approx 68 cms (26.8 inches)

on stiff paper

23,95 Euros each


JEREZ festival 2005 Poster   ref JEREZ festival 2005 Poster  JEREZfestival2006_Poster ref JEREZfestival2006_Poster

flamenco poster prints

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length approx 71cms (28 inches)
width approx 50 cms (20 inches)

on stiff paper

24,95 Euros each



please enquire availability












poster feria Sevilla1964 ref: FERIAdeSevilla1964

poster Sevilla FERIA 1919 ref: SevillaFERIA1919

poster Sevilla FERIA 1936 ref: SevillaFERIA1936



approx size: 49 cms x 99 cms


carmen amaya poster print ref: Carmen Amaya poster print: 39,95 Euros



sevilla TRIANA 1979

medium size


sevilla TRIANA 1979 ref: sevilla TRIANA 1979 poster print: 129,95 Euros


Sevilla feria de Abril 1983

medium size


Sevilla feria de Abril 1983 ref: Sevilla feria de Abril 1983 poster print: 119,95 Euros


Vintage flamenco posters

250,- Euros






Sevilla_primavera1999 ref: Sevilla_primavera1999

Vintage flamenco posters
collector items


Sevilla_semana santa y feria 2002

120,- Euros



flamenco poster  Sevilla semana santa y feria  2002 ref: Sevilla_semana santa y feria 2002

Vintage flamenco posters

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more choice of original posters - please enquire current availability and prices/sizes.

an original! Jerez1952 Jerez 1952: approx 100 cms x 70 cms for sale at 750,- Euros

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Add shipping/handling on all items - please email to order and for payment instructions. We will need your full shipping address. You can pay by credit card through secure server on line. Prices are quoted in Euros, but you can choose to pay in USD or GBPounds with updated currency exchange rates.


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