Feria Mundial del Flamenco en Sevilla World Flamenco Fair in Seville
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Feria Mundial del Flamenco
en Sevilla 2001

1st World Flamenco Fair in Seville

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The first World Flamenco Fair was celebrated over four days at the beginning of October 2001 at the Palacio de Congresos - the major exhibition hall in Seville.



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The first World Flamenco Fair in Seville (4th to 7th October 2001) was a big success.

Though performances of flamenco in the evenings were sometimes washed out by rain (since they were outside), the whole presentation (indoors daytime) was certainly very interesting. Many small companies who exhibited thier products, some just family firms, others cd producers and artists as well as the official stands of various town councils, themselves interested to promote flamenco in their towns and provinces.

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You could buy a flamenco dress or a specially designed hair adornment made by hand. You could try out some excellent guitars with the maker present so you can ask him a direct question on the construction and sound. There were even free sherries poured by the typical veneciador at some stands, not to mention the small shows in the flamenco federation enclosure (Confederacion Andaluza de Peñas Flamencas) with drinks at the bar behind you. Several provinces were represented on different days, mostly a singer with his guitarist.


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