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the flamenco tablao in andalusia spain

This is a selective list only - in most cases you can just turn up without the need to make a reservation.


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The modern day "tablao flamenco" developed from the commercial needs of restaurants and tourism. Their predecessors were the famous singing cafes "Cafes Cantantes" of the second half of the 19th century.

You may be lucky to see some excellent flamenco, depending upon availability of artists from the region and financial constraints of the owners, but frequently it is standard and mundane.

To be fair, it is not easy for artists to perform well every night under such circumstances. Much will depend upon the atmosphere created with the public and perhaps whether boredom has set in with the repetitive nature of the show. However, just enjoy it for what it is... a flamenco show.

Find a tablao flamenco in andalusia - click here


If you are in Jerez de la Frontera


Various local flamencos appear including Gonzalo de Jerez, Juan de Arcos, Ali del Cairo, Simon el Rubio and Manolo Simon among others.



try the flamenco events at the flamenco club "La Zua" in Jerez de la Frontera.

Have tapas and sherry with flamenco guitar, song and sometimes dance.

near the area called Barbadillo (C/Olivar de Ribero), out of town


Pena flamenca Perro de Paterna in Guadacacin just outside Jerez for an informal flamenco afternoon with sherry and tapas.
Flamenco guitar and flamenco violin together - enquire by email


Jerez de la Frontera

private party arranged





Padilla - Spanish restaurant with Joselito in charge (gypsy singer as well!)

frequented by occasional flamencos and bullfighting enthusiasts, situated in the Torres Blancas out of town

book a table and ask for flamenco guitar! Alternatively the Bodega Jesus for private flamenco sherry parties.



Jerez de la Frontera

tourist flamenco

Taberna Flamenca (restaurant and bar with flamenco shows some nights of the week)





or more authentic:
Tabanco Flamenco sherry bar

Taberna Flamenca next to the church in Santiago district, Jerez de la Frontera.

arrowFlamenco Dance! Bookings taken for flamenco show and meal in Jerez town centre. The show starts at 10pm so best to book for a meal at 9pm. Open most of the year.

Alternatively there is:

Tablao El Lagá del Tío Parrilla in Plaza San Mateo, meal and show though rather expensive.

Tablao Bereber, Jerez de la Frontera, also the most expensive


If you are in Cadiz






La Cava, C/ Antonio López, in the old part of town. The setting is really just like another bar that has the pretension to be a tablao. Expensive and full of foreigners eager to experience at least something of the art of flamenco.

Artists do vary, but the dancing is typically Cadiz, especially when the girls dance "por Alegrias", but the prices are very tourist. Usually a singer, a guitarist and two dancers on a small stage (also called a tablao.)


If in Sevilla


Casa de la Memoria: C/ Ximenez de Enciso 28, 41004 Sevilla (Barrio Santa Cruz)

El Tamboril, Barrio Santa Cruz (Sevillanas bar)


La Carboneria


Casa Carmen




If you have lots of money to spend just try any of the very commercial tablaos in Seville, such as el Arenal, el Palacio Andaluz or los Gallos.



More reasonable (about 12,- Euros a ticket) is the Casa de la Memoria set in a palace from the 18th century in the Jewish quarter. No food or drink, just pure song, dance and guitar with no amplification and only two rows of seats. Limited space but well worth it for the pure stuff! There are two shows at 9pm amd 10.30 pm approximately. (No flashing cameras or video recording until the last ten minutes.)

dance group in casa de la memoria


Afterwards go around the corner to the informal atmosphere of the sevillanas bar El Tamboril (now closed unfortunately)


La Carboneria is also fun. Across the river near Avenida Menendez y Pelayo, it fills with usually local performers playing in a low key atmosphere.


Casa Carmen: Marqués de Paradas nº 30,: Sevilla 41001


If you are in Córdoba, try










The tablao to the side of the Mezquita tablao

(We recommend you try a meal first at the Caballo Rojo restaurant almost next door)


If you are in Puerto Banus (Marbella)






Los Toreros offers a meal plus a show from Thursday to Saturday.

(We believe this venue has shut down, so please check with a local taxi driver.)


If you are in Marbella





Pub Flamenco Albero y Arte, C/ Vicente Blasco Ibáñez, Marbella. This is an unusual and very small flamenco venue with a built-in mock bullring where the flamenco action takes place. Frequented by artists and difficult to find, but authentic. Usually just flamenco song and guitar.

Salon Varietes Theatre Fuengirola: occasional flamenco dance productions

try out the new flamenco club: Peña Flamenca "Carmen Linares" C/ Victoria 22, 29640 , Fuengirola (Málaga)


If you are in Torremolinos







There is a commercial tablao flamenco in the centre of town, but it is tourist, though some interesting local performers pass through its doors.

better try:

Rincon Flamenco Carrete, Avda. Pez Espada (Pasaje Decano Ferrer y Marquez), Montemar, Torremolinos. This is more interesting as an authentic tiny venue, where the whole family is involved in singing, dancing and playing. Tel: 952 372 396


If in Barcelona





Información y reservas: C/Marqués de Barberà, 6 BARCELONA TELF. 670437577


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